Appalroot Farm's Recipes
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for all the recipes ever posted on Appalroot Farm! If you've got a craving for southern Appalachian've come to the right place. Dig in and enjoy!


Mini Kentucky Apple Stack Cakes
Old Timey Appalachian Tea Cakes

Main Dishes
Shortcut Fried Chicken with Gravy



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  2. Hello, I’m not sure you will even see this. Stumbled onto your blog and I enjoy it so much. I too ate what “we called” syrup and butter with hot biscuits. My uncle or mom would even mash it up for me when the butter was too cold. It’s so nice to hear others did this too. For some reason when you are small you thing you are the only family doing such stuff. People today just cringe to hear you fed your child what? Corn syrup! I was raised in the Appalachian mountains in fact I still live here in a very small town called Harlan. I hope sometime you will see this and starting blogging again. All I can see is older article. Thanks again.